We are dedicated to providing exceptional construction services to our clients. Our team of experienced professionals loves making structures that are high-quality, useful, and nice to look at.


We aim to support its client by tailormaking its contracting approach to best suit the project's unique requirements. The primary focus is on delivering best construction experience for the clients through teamwork and coordination.
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Experience construction done right.

DAR GROUP is a renowned contracting Group of Companies specialized in construction of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure with a successful history spanning over six long years. We have been successfully developing some of the landmark projects in GCC & Pakistan, with its strong focus on new concepts and modern building technology, the group has introduced flexibility and efficiency in building its prestigious projects. We offer exceptional value to our clients, remains unfazed by the complexity, scale and vastness of any project awarded to it. The group also overcomes challenges arising from the size or complexity in different phases of implementation from design to the final stage of completion.

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Experience Best Construction Work.

We offer a full range of services, from pre-construction planning to final finishing, to ensure the successful completion of each project. Our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.
DAR GROUP is known for fast track delivery of projects. Our fast track system enable us to save on time required for procuring vital materials, with the organisation’s expertise allowing to continuously save a considerable amount of time in delivery schedule.
We have created a comprehensive safety programme for its workforce in line with its belief that employees are the greatest and most valuable assets of the company. The company, which do not compromise on safety, has ensured a safe working environment.
Client satisfaction is the most important criteria for taking any decision, whether in the office or at work site. With this principle as a guiding force and a focus on an efficient work habit, the company carries out its work in the most successful manner.
We have a team of technical and management professionals, having rich experience in project managment and controls, enabling the company to achieve its targets by applying professional approch and handing site work execution and contract management.
This department is responsible for the construction of Roads, Bridges, and Buildings procurement and installation. We handle all types of turn-key construction projects with ease, thanks to our large pool of experienced technical staff.
This division deals with estimating cost of materials, machinery and manpower. Besides, the department is responsible for preparation and submission of tenders, identifies and tries to win projects in coordination with the business development department and tender committee.
This division keeps a track of the budget, list of vendors and data for each item that is routinely needed. This section records and processes all aspects of a typical purchase operation for the government and private sector projects.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader in the construction industry, setting the benchmark for world-class standards in Road, Bridge, Building, and infrastructure projects. We are driven to innovate and inspire, leaving a lasting impact on the regions we serve. Our core values - professionalism, integrity, durability, reliability, safety, quality workmanship, teamwork, and customer satisfaction - guide us toward excellence, sustainability, and meaningful contributions to society. We aim to create a better future for all through our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Our Mission

At DAR, our mission is to deliver exceptional construction projects that exceed customer expectations while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. We strive to expand our global presence, upholding the highest health, safety, and environmental stewardship standards. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our employees, stakeholders, and the communities we serve by implementing rigorous safety measures and sustainable practices in every project. We aim to build a legacy of excellence, innovation, and trust in the construction industry, creating lasting value for our clients and the communities we serve.
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Core Values

Safety & Quality

We implement strict safety standards and protocols with continuous training to ensure a safe work environment for our employees, clients, and the community. We are committed in delivering the highest quality in all our projects, ensuring all our projects we build meets demanding standards and satisfy client’s benchmarks

Customer Focus & Commitment to Deadlines

We strive to understand what client expect from us and we prioritize to deliver personalized solutions that ensures customer’s satisfaction. Timeliness is crucial in our industry. We focus on time lines in completing projects without compromising on quality and safety protocols.


We strive to understand what client expect from us and we prioritize to deliver personalized solutions that ensures customer’s satisfaction. Timeliness is crucial in our industry. We focus on time lines in completing projects without compromising on quality and safety protocols.

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