DAR GROUP is a renowned contracting Group of Companies specialised in Roads, Bridges Infrastructure & Buildings with a successful history spanning over six long years. We have been successfully developing some of the landmark projects in GCC & Pakistan, with its strong focus on new concepts and modern building technology, the group has introduced flexibility and efficiency in building its prestigious projects.
We offer exceptional value to our clients, remains unfazed by the complexity, scale and vastness of any project awarded to it. The group also overcomes challenges arising from the size or complexity in different phases of implementation from design to the final stage of completion.



Our mission, apart from customer’s satisfaction is to expand the presence of the group beyond GCC & Pakistan. DAR also aims at ensuring complete safety of its employees, without any compromise.


Our vision is to build Roads, Bridges, Buildings and other Infrastructure projects in GCC and Pakistan on par with world-class standards by introducing innovative and inspiring ideas, which can create a lasting impression. The values that constitute the company’s vision include professionalism, integrity, durability, reliability, safety, quality workmanship, teamwork and customer satisfaction.


DAR GROUP aims to support its clients by tailor making its contracting approach to best suit the project’s unique requirements. The primary focus is on delivering best construction experience for the clients through teamwork and coordination. The company also help its clients to meet their business objectives with the highest level of quality, reliability and integrity.

Our core strength lies in paying attention to detail and in ensuring the quality of preconstruction and services. We also believes that the quality aspect of construction industry is often overlooked. In fact, it is as important as the construction of the structure itself.

The company always coordinates with the clients, architects and engineering consultants to review the drawings and specifications in a forward looking manner in an apparent move to get maximum value on investment within the estimated budget. The quality process, which is popularly known as ‘value engineering,’ leads to a collaborative approach, a better coordinated effort to build an easily maintainable project

To strengthen our growth, we are seeking to develop long-term partnerships with our clients in the construction industry with quality work and timely completion of projects.

DAR GROUP is known for fast track delivery of projects. Our fast track system enable us to save on time required for procuring vital materials, with the organisation’s expertise allowing to continuously save a considerable amount of time in delivery schedule. This helps the clients against problems associated with unexpected delays as well as other challenges.